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Zany Zinnias

If you missed the informative, well-attended workshop last week, but would like to participate in the 2023-24 Club Horticulture project “Growing Zinnias from Seed”, contact Karen Whitehaus to receive a package of “Cut and Come Again Zinnia,” Zinnia elegans ‘Bordeaux’. Zinnias are low maintenance, heat and drought resistant, pollinator magnets, and can be sown directly in your garden or in a pot on the deck.

Plant the seeds, nurture the blooms over the summer, and enter the Horticulture competition in September where your efforts will have the opportunity to be honored with the Estelle Leibrecht Horticulture Award, first presented by the Club in 1970. Information on entering the competition will be available soon. Contact Karen by May 4: There are only 12 spots remaining!



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