Yearbook Committee Reports

2020-2021 — Celia Radek, Editor

Last summer, creativity and flexibility were the catchwords of the Committees that organized the gardening sessions, workshops, programs, and exhibitions that kept the Club connected throughout the year. The Committee reports in this Yearbook show an engaged, Active Membership despite the repeat of to be determined in last year’s calendar.


One hundred and eighty-five copies of the Yearbook were printed and mailed to the Membership prior to the first Program meeting, presented on Zoom in September.


The 2020-21 Yearbook was submitted to the Awards Committee of the Garden Club of New Jersey. The Club received a Certificate of Merit with Gold Seal and the Yearbook was forwarded to the Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs (CAR) for national award consideration. The Club was honored to receive the National Garden Clubs, Inc., Certificate of Commendation, First Place for Club size 100 – 299 members. Congratulations to all as it is the work of the Club that is being recognized for achievement!


Many thanks to all members who supplied the information, schedules, and reports that makes this Yearbook an important resource throughout the GC year; to Deb Hirsch and Fran Wong for Membership Directory updates; to Michele Tomasik for another fabulous cover image; to Fran Ackerly, Janice Benton, and Karen Whitehaus for their detailed proofreading; and to Florence Leyssène for her encouragement and leadership.


I’m pleased to turn the reins over to the talented new editor, Claire Stepleton.

2019-2020 — Celia Radek, Editor

In 2019, Yearbook production moved into the cloud. The online desktop publishing software, which can be accessed by PC or Mac operating systems, allows collaborative work on documents and easy sharing of draft content. Thanks to Fran Wong for researching the software which is now available for Club use through subscription. Future Yearbook editors will appreciate the easy transition from year to year.

Printed at a cost of $925 for 210 copies, the Yearbook was mailed to the Membership prior to the first meeting of the Program year.

The Yearbook was submitted to the Awards Committee of Garden Club of New Jersey for consideration and, in July 2020, the Club received word that the 2019-2020 edition was selected to receive a Certificate of Merit with Gold Seal. While the Award pays tribute to format and design, it is, first and foremost, the projects and programs of the Club that are being recognized for achievement.

Many thanks to Committee Chairs for their Annual Reports and to the Committees for organizing the creative, fun, and informative Garden Club year; to Deb Hirsch and Fran Wong for keeping the Membership Directory updated and accurate throughout the year; to Michele Tomasik for her fabulous cover image; to proofreaders Fran Ackerly, Janice Benton, Lori Vik, and Karen Whitehaus for their collective eye for detail; and to Florence Leyssne for her good advice and much appreciated encouragement.