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Flower Design Division Rules 2023-2024

All Club Members are encouraged to enter flower designs in the monthly competitions as listed on the Flower Design page and in the Yearbook.


  1. Exhibitors may have one (1) entry in Flower Design in each monthly competition.

  2. Some plant material must be used in every design.

  3. All plant material used in a design must be identified on a 3"x 5" index card and included with the entry card.

  4. Fresh plant material may never be treated in any manner.

  5. Artificial plant material is not permitted.

  6. Refer to the Handbook for Flower Shows, pp. 80-81 for a complete list of plant material and non-plant material that is permitted and not permitted.

  7. Plant material on the New Jersey Conservation List may not be used unless it has been grown by the exhibitor or legally acquired and is so stated on an accompanying 3"x 5" index card.

  8. Entries must conform to the design type named in the schedule.

  9. Flower Designs are judged using the Design Scale of Points found on p. 130 in the Handbook for Flower Shows.

  10. Advanced registration with the Flower Design Chair is required no later than four (4) days before each Design Competition listed in this Yearbook.

  11. Designs may be dropped off between 8:15 and 9:15am on the day of the competition. Judging will begin promptly at 10am. Designs arriving late will not be judged.

  12. Designs must be picked up no later than 30 minutes after the end of the program meeting, approximately 3:00pm.

  13. For questions about these rules, the design schedule, or a particular design, please consult with the appropriate level Design Advisor.

Provisional Level: Cynthia Corhan-Aitken

Novice Level: Florence Leyssène

Intermediate Level: Debbie Moran

Advanced Levels: Brenda Bingham



Provisional: Flower Designs exhibited by Provisionals are critiqued, not judged. The designs do not qualify for points or awards.

Provisionals are required to enter one design during their term to qualify for the Novice Level.


Novice: Includes those who have earned up to nine points in Flower Design. Novices are eligible to receive The Elsie Bristol Novice Award (see award description).


Intermediate: Includes Members who have earned ten or more points in Flower Design. Intermediate designers are eligible to receive The President's Trophy for Flower Design, Intermediate (see award description).


Advanced: Includes Members who have progressed from the Intermediate Level by earning 20 points and one blue ribbon within a three year period in Flower Design. Advanced designers are eligible to receive The Garden Club Award for Flower Design, Advanced (see award description). Every member of this level is expected to exhibit once a year.


Advanced Plus: A competitive level for those who have won The Garden Club Award for Flower Design, Advanced twice.


Invitational: Open to nationally accredited judges, professional flower designers, and Members at the Advanced Level invited by the Flower Design Committee. Participants exhibit for educational purposes and are critiqued.



1st Blue                           5 points

2nd Red                          4 points

3rd Yellow                      3 points

Honorable Mention      2 points

Unawarded Exhibits     1 point

Tea/Luncheon Table   1 point

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