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EditedJuly 2020 to reflect "Virtual Exhibits"

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See also the online National Garden Club Handbook for Flower Shows


Due to continued COVID-19 concerns and renovation delays at the United Way Building, all competitions will continue to be viewed as virtual exhibits until further notice. More information will follow as soon as it becomes available. All Flower Design rules still apply.

THEME: "The Beat Goes On"


All Club members are encouraged to enter flower designs in the monthly design exhibits as listed in the Calendar in this Yearbook. Provisionals are required to exhibit one (1) design in their Provisional term. All designs will be critiqued. NOT judged. Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Advanced Plus level designs will be awarded one (1) design point for participation.


  1. Only one (1) design entry per exhibitor for each Exhibition.

  2. Exhibitors must submit high resolution, "actual size" digital photos of their designs taken in front of a staging panel or a blank wall.

  3. Exhibitors must submit an entry form along with their designs. Entry forms will be available on the Garden Club website. Dates for submitting design entries are listed in this Yearbook calendar.

  4. Some plant materials must be used in every design. Fresh plant material may never be treated in any manner.

  5. Refer to the Handbook for Flower Shows, 2017, pages 80-81 for a list of plant materials and also non-plant materials that are permitted for use.

  6. Plant material on the New Jersey Conservation List may not be used unless it has been grown by the exhibitor or is legally acquired and so stated on the accompanying entry form.

  7. Exhibitors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the The Handbook for Flower Shows, 2017.


For design questions, call the Design Consultant (listed below) for your level.


Provisional: Designs exhibited by Provisionals are critiqued, not judged. The designs do not qualify for points or awards. Provisionals are required to enter one design during their term to qualify for the Novice Level.


Novice: Includes those who have earned up to nine points in Flower Design, Botanical Arts Design, and/or Botanical Arts Artistic Craft. Novices are eligible to receive The Elsie Bristol Novice Award.

Intermediate: Includes members who have earned ten or more points in Flower Design, Botanical Arts Design, and/or Botanical Arts Artistic Craft. Intermediate designers are eligible to receive The President's Trophy for Flower Design.

Advanced: Includes members who have progressed from the Intermediate Level by earning 20 points and one blue ribbon within a three year period in Flower Design, Botanical Arts Design, and/or Botanical Arts Artistic Craft. Advanced designers are eligible to receive The Garden Club Award for Flower Design. Every member of this level is expected to exhibit once a year.

Advanced Plus: A competitive level for those who have won The Garden Club Award for Flower Design twice.

Invitational: Open to nationally accredited judges, professional flower designers, and members at the Advanced Level invited by the Flower Design Committee. Participants exhibit for educational purposes and are critiqued.


Prior to each monthly competition, Consultants are available, by phone or by email, to answer questions regarding your design.

Provisional Level: Cynthia Corhan-Aitken

Novice Level: Florence Leyssene

Intermediate Level: Debbie Moran

Advanced Levels: Brenda Bingham



Botanical Arts Division, Flower Design Division, and Horticulture Division

Not applicable for 2021-2022 Program Year Virtual Exhibitions. Entries will be awarded one (1) point for participation.

1st Blue                          5 points

2nd Red                          4 points

3rd Yellow                      3 points

Honorable Mention      2 points

Unawarded Exhibits     1 point

Tea/Luncheon Table   1 point